Sunday, December 27, 2009

What is Grout?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

A thin mortar used for filling spaces (as the joints in masonry or ceramic tile); also: any of various other materials (as a mixture of cement and water or chemicals that solidify) used for a similar purpose. A building material (as a mixture of cement, lime, or gypsum plaster with sand and water) that hardens and is used in masonry or ceramic tile.

Research shows Sanded grout is a porous and brittle material used between ceramic tiles for esthetics, not strength. Ceramic tiles are actually held in place by “Thin-Set,” a masonry based adhesive, used under the tile to form a bond with the surface the tile is to be affixed. Sanded grout is applied hours or days after the ceramic tiles are solidly bonded to the surface below, which causes a cold joint between the newly applied grout and the previously hardened thin-set. High-pressure surface cleaning will actually loosen and remove the sand in the grout through "Hydrostatic Vibration and Erosion" thus allowing the loosened sand to be removed by the suction of the extraction tool. If you find sand in your waste tank, it is most likely from your customers grout! Therefore, repeated high-pressure (500+ p.s.i.) cleaning and/or rinsing can do nothing but loosen and eventually remove the grout.

REMEMBER: Square blocks of aluminum are carved into round wheels for cars and motorcycles by jets of water!

Therefore it is our considered opinion that high pressure cleaning tools can be harmful to grout if used on a regular basis. It is also not necessary to use such aggressive cleaning methods after the grout is properly prepped and Color Sealed. Grout Perfect Color Seal creates an extremely easy-to-clean surface when applied properly, making a happy customer for years!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Changes at Grout Perfect®


As the leading grout Color Seal manufacturer, it is important to stay on top of the industry and make enhancements and changes that will benefit our customers. On July 15, 2009 we made a historical move that separated Grout Perfect® even further from all other manufacturers. Our new formula has been released and will be shipped from this point forward. Below are some of the enhancements, changes and benefits that you will find when working with Grout Perfect®.


*Same appearance and ease of application
*Better adhesion and advanced abrasion resistance
*More alkali and stain resistant
*96% of the flexible resins have been replaced much harder ingredients such as Silica powder (ground granite) one of the hardest ingredients available. The combination of the new ingredients make Grout Perfect Color Seal the hardest grout sealer available
*The cured Color Seal will leave an extremely hard and very cleanable surface
*Built in Mildicides that will not allow growth of bacteria, germs, mold or mildew for years


*We have combined our R & D, Manufacturing, Main Offices and Shipping into one location in South Florida
*NEW!! Improved Nylon Bristle Color Seal applicator brushes (free w/ all Color Seal orders)
*Quicker turnaround time on all orders
*Much lower shipping and handling rates
*Instant e-mail order confirmation with tracking information


*Direct contact numbers with full time support personnel
*Support team with over 50 years of combined Color Seal experience
*Largest training facility (Cleveland, Ohio) dedicated to Color Seal in the US
*Intense 2/3 day training programs available
*2009 New Release DVD Training
*Proven Sales & Marketing Systems
*Forms, Pictures & Much More …..

R&D, Manufacturing & Shipping:
Grout Perfect®, 5051 NE 13th Avenue, Oakland Park, FL 33334

Training, Sales & Technical Support:
26210 Emery Road, Suite 302 Cleveland, OH 44128


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grout Maintenance

After the Grout process is completed maintain the floor in the following manner:

1) Always vacuum your entire tile floor thoroughly to remove all the loose dirt and dust before wet cleaning outlined in the following paragraphs. Neutral or mild cleaners are all that is necessary to effectively clean tile and now that your grout has been sealed with Grout Perfect Color Seal the same is true. We recommend buying an inexpensive concentrated window cleaner, dilute 1/2 cup with about 1 gallon of warm water or as directed on the label.

2) Apply cleaner to floor generously with a mop, allow to stand on floor 3 to 4 minutes (no scrubbing), this will allow cleaner to emulsify and loosen any dirt and oils on your floor.

3) Take a common Swiffer-type mop covered with a clean dry terry cloth towel rather than the cloths that may actually come with the mop and dry the floor changing the terry cloth towel often.

4) Please keep in mind dirt does not evaporate!
The final step is to dry the grout lines with the Swiffer-type mop and a clean dry terry cloth towel. Liquids settle in the grout lines because they are slightly lower. To prevent the now dirty cleaner that you are drying off your tile from drying in the grout lines and leaving a dirty residue on the Grout Perfect Color Seal the final step must be to dry the grout line to complete the floor cleaning process. This will keep your floor looking as it did when our Grout Perfect Technicians completed the process to your floor.

As time passes should your grout begin looking dirty with uneven color in high traffic area try this easy test. First, pour a small amount of undiluted Grout Perfect® Maintenance Cleaner or an undiluted window cleaner on 2 or 3 inches of a grout line in that high traffic area. Second, allow the cleaner to stand on that grout line for 3 to 4 minutes (do NOT scrub or agitate). And finally, with a clean cloth or even a paper towel wipe up the cleaner. You will see dirt on the cloth or towel and the grout line will be clean again. This is a maintenance issue that can be corrected by cleaning the floor as described in the above paragraphs 1. through 4. using a slightly stronger dilution of the cleaner.